What Is The Perfect Way Store Your Hair Extensions

Treat your hair extensions with the TLC they deserve, and they’ll reward you with long-lasting beauty and volume. Here at The Indian Extension Company, we understand the importance of proper care, not just while you wear your extensions, but also when they’re taking a break. After all, our extensions are crafted from 100% human hair, meaning they deserve the same care you give your natural tresses.

So, how can you ensure your extensions stay detangled, frizz-free, and ready to add instant volume whenever you need them? Here’s your ultimate guide to storing hair extensions:

Cleanliness is Key:

  • Wash and condition your extensions gently before storing them. This removes any styling products, dirt, or oils that could cause matting or damage. (Pro tip: Use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for hair extensions.)

The Power of Brushing:

  • After washing and conditioning, detangle your extensions thoroughly with a wide-tooth comb while they’re still damp. Once dry, brush them gently to maintain their shape.

Finding the Perfect Home:

  • Storage Box: A cool, dry place is ideal. Choose a box that’s large enough to store your extensions comfortably, without them being crammed or creased.
  • Silk or Satin Lined: Consider a box or bag lined with satin or silk. These materials reduce friction, preventing tangles and frizz. (The Indian Extension Company offers luxurious storage bags specifically designed for our extensions.)

Taming the Tangles:

Braid or loosely tie your extensions before storing them. This prevents them from getting tangled during storage.

Sun's Out, Extensions In:

Direct sunlight can fade or dry out your extensions. Store them in a cool, dark place away from windows or harsh light.

The Indian Extension Company Advantage: Built to Last

Because our extensions are made from 100% human hair, with proper care, they can last for a significant amount of time. Following these storage tips will ensure your Indian Extension Company extensions stay luscious, tangle-free, and ready to elevate your look whenever you desire.

Ready to experience the difference of high-quality hair extensions? Browse our collection at The Indian Extension Company and discover the perfect fit for your hair goals. With proper care, your extensions will become a long-lasting source of confidence and beauty!

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